“…Siddharth worked in our planning group as the key Tableau resource responsible for creating the visualizations for Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) during the late Spring/Summer of 2017. Sid was great to work with and was very helpful in thinking through what was required as well as what might be helpful beyond the initial request. Sid is always prompt, courteous, and what I would consider to be an Expert User in Tableau Visualization creation using several data sources from many different systems…”

By Allen Harrison – Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) Manager at Bayer (LinkedIn)

“…Siddharth was brought on as a summer intern for explore data visualization options for our Supply Chain group at Bayer CropScience, specifically in the area of Distribution Resource Planning. Despite being new to Bayer’s data and processes, he picked them up very quickly and was able to translate that knowledge into robust data visualizations using Tableau. He was flexible in altering his designs to meet the needs of the business, and always tried to dig deeper in conversations in order to understand the true business requirements.

It was a pleasure working with Siddharth and I believe he would be a great addition to any team here at Bayer, or anywhere else he may pursue employment…”

By Eric Riha, IT Business Partner – Supply Chain Management at Bayer CropScience (LinkedIn)

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